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Video: How I knit

January 12, 2013

My mom was curious about how I knit and I’m never one to disappoint.

How do you knit?


Video: Two shawls and a haul

January 5, 2013

Some more pictures of the Book River Shawl — I like how the pattern combines with the color shifts in the yarn to make it almost flame-like.

After booking


Blocking really opened upp the pattern, and also left me with a shawl that may be close to six feet from tip to tip. I wound up using pretty much all of the extra yarn, so it came to over 700 yards in total.

Stash flash and crafty resolutions

January 4, 2013

Even before I pulled all my yarn out, I was pretty sure that the stash would have grown a fair bit since May, when I last posted a picture. I’ve used up some of what was there, but it has more than been replaced. At least I have yet to cover the entire bed, I guess?

Stash 2013. Jan

I knew there was quite a bit in the boxes (four of them, and a little bit of overflow) but there’s something about seeing it all in one place that makes a bit more real. That right there is definite tangible proof that I really should have stuff to work with for the foreseeable future. (Feel free to remind me of that fact.)  To be fair, some of it has already been assigned to a project and pattern, and I mainly have scarf- and sock amounts, but most of it is just frilly folly. I even found two rogue skeins a few hours after packing everything back up. Whoops.

A few years ago, I posted some crafty resolutions for the year. Some of them I probably have yet to actually accomplish, but I’ve actually done most of the things I wanted to try. I have yet to actually finish a colorwork project, or steek anything, but that’s all I can think of at the moment. It would be nice to do some lace of my own design, too, so maybe those three things are my goal for the year. And the sort of vague idea to “knit a lot of things”, I guess. Preferably with yarn I already have…

2012 FOs

December 31, 2012

I remember thinking in December of 2011 that I wanted to challenge myself, but maybe 12 in 12 wasn’t an entirely realistic goal.

That seems kind of funny now.


This is everything I finished this year. Those socks at the bottom are sort of half-included, because I finished them on January first. (I also knit two hats that I later frogged, which are not included.)

38 finished projects. Including two cardigans, and nine shawls of varying complexity and size. Also my first lace socks.

Suddenly, I don’t feel quite as bad about my stash. (I’ll admit that I am both dreading and looking forward to dumping it all out on my bed and taking a picture next week.)

Bonus sort-of Christmas picture

December 28, 2012

The weather in Cambridge was much much nicer than here — it rained a bit, but we also had some sun and took really long walks along the river. The water was unusually high, and my shoes got pretty muddy, but it was so lovely.


I love the shifts of color in this picture. I took a lot of pictures  on our walks that I want to try and recreate in water colors. We’ll see how frustrated the attempts make me… I actually got a book of tips for water color artists for Christmas, and I kind of hope I’ll have time to try out some of them over the next few weeks.

Christmas roundup

December 27, 2012

Did I say in that video that the Ishbel was going to be my holiday and travel knitting? Hah! I finished it in two days. Two days. Don’t quite know what got into me.

Ishbel collage

So I had to bring something else to Cambridge, since I was still waiting for the missing Book River Shawl yarn — which arrived at the post office just in time for me not to have time to go get it before we had to leave. Bah.

I’ve been seeing this sock, called “Sylta”, popping up over and over on a Swedish facebook group for a while and finally decided I had to try it. I used the same Novita 7 Veljestä yarn as my rainbow socks, but in a red-pink-purple-orangey colorway. My mom saw that scrunchy first leg appearing and said she’d quite like leg warmers like that, and who am I to say no to, er, not having to actually turn a heel?

Leg warmers

It’s a really simple pattern and was great for evening movie watching; all in all I think it took four or five days of intermittent knitting, and about 130 grams of the yarn.

But now I’m home and back to my red shawl — I’m really hoping to bind off before the New Year, so I’ll have a fresh start and one more finished project to add to my total for the year.

Video blog: Math fails and winter knits

December 18, 2012

I made a video about the epic brain fail I had with my green river shawl, the shawl I cast on as a replacement, and some winter knits. And snowmen.