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Glue everywhere

July 31, 2012

Last night’s craft night made me even more convinced that it’s a good idea. Good times were had by all. This time there was programming, knitting, sewing, drawing, crocheting — and gluing. One of the attendants didn’t quite know what to do, so I pulled out some blank coasters, glue, and napkins.

About once a year, I get this urge to decoupage something. And then I feel silly because like it or not, decoupage comes with certain connotations, and I don’t feel that those connotations apply to me — plus I don’t think my home decor, such as it is, lends itself to decoupaged items. I did make a wooden box once, decoupaged to look like corks (not cork, but corks) which I liked, couldn’t find a use for, and wound up giving away.

Most recently, I decoupaged some of the aforementioned coasters. P and I are quite fond of our little sofa table, and are also quite fond of drinking both warm and cold beverages, so coasters are a must — and a good enough excuse for crafts.

I’ll admit I felt a little silly decoupaging plain orange paper onto a coaster, but I wanted to see how it’d turn out. Some of them warped a little, and I’m sure there’s something to be done for that, but they’re not uneven enough to topple the mugs, and I’m not necessarily one to mess with what works.

I really loved this tissue paper. I even tried something I saw on Pinterest, I think, and blow-drier-melted it onto/into a candle. And then I had to stop because really, there’s a limit on how many matching cutesy knick-knacks I can have in one home. I think.

Anyway, I found some napkins which were not bought for crafting purposes but for a party, and Yonna made a polkadot coaster, which inspired me to make one after everyone left, too. Maybe I should get some more blank coasters and think of more ways to decorate them. Just in case we have thirty guests at once — and they all have to fit their beverages on the sofa table.

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