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Going for it hardcore

July 26, 2012

A friend of mine is leaving in about a month, to move to a little island where there’s a two-year pottery program. She was joking about how I should see if there are any spots left in their summer classes, because then I wouldn’t want to leave. I will totally admit to checking the summer classes, which were sadly full. P was a bit skeptical about the idea of me moving to a tiny island for a year or two, though.

But it did make me think about the whole concept of just getting to do something I love, something creative and — I don’t want to use the word unproductive, because that’s so far from the truth, but maybe unprofitable? She’s not necessarily planning to make a living with ceramics after this, but she wanted the chance to pursue a dream, to talk about and develop and expand her art and her work and her thoughts with amazing teachers and peers. To just focus on it. And I’m totally jealous.

It also got me thinking about what it would be like to work at the wheel all day, and then have the evenings free for reading and knitting and whatnot, because it’s pretty much an island with not much else on it. (I’d like to imagine that I would do those things, anyway, and not just knit and watch Youtube videos.) Would it be wonderful to be isolated, or would I go bananas after a while? I don’t know.

Yeah. Jealous, not just of her getting to do that, but of the fact that she had the balls to go for it. And funnily enough, she credits me with a little bit of that, because I encouraged her to get back into pottery a while back. Which is kind of cool.

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