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Hats and random nudity

June 2, 2012

I cast on for this hat a few days ago, when it was still sunny and fairly hot out. I laughed to P that it was really kind of ridiculous to knit a warm hat in this weather — but it turns out that maybe my subconscious knew better. The reality of Swedish summer caught up with us and the past couple of days have been pretty nasty. Cold and rainy and windy and the hat wouldn’t be entirely out of place. I’ve actually pondered reorganizing my mental queue of things to knit and making some wrist warmers, or even mittens, because my hands went numb just holding an umbrella on a short walk. Yay, June!

(This picture is from the lobby of a playhouse; I knit while waiting to be let into a play where P did tech.)

The yarn is Manos de Uruguay Silk Blend. In a previous life, it was two different hats — one that was meant to come out slouchy and came out more like some weird sort of rasta hat, and a snug hat that I made to wear under a ski helmet and realized I probably wouldn’t wear again after that trip. I frogged them both a few weeks ago. The hat’s a  pattern I’ve used and liked a couple of times before. It’s technically the wrong yarn (too thin) and the wrong needle (up one millimeter) for the pattern, so I’m thinking it’ll be a nice early-fall hat; soft and not too warm.

I love this yarn so much. I have some Manos Maxima that I made into a neckwarmer for that same ski trip, and I sort of want to get a whole bunch of it and lie down naked on it. (I got both yarns at a discount at a yarn store opening, and that was a very smart move on the yarn store’s part because I came back and got another skein of each kind to finish projects; also I want to buy the aforementioned whole bunch for naked-lying-on.) They’re so squishy and soft and wonderful to work with and produce lovely items. If I win the lottery some day, I’m totally making myself a sweater out of Maxima.

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  1. June 2, 2012 9:22 pm

    Very pretty hat! I really like how it’s looking. I’ve been knitting a blanket as of late and it’s kind of getting tiresome so I need something else to work on when I’m not in the mood to work on my blanket lol Perhaps a hat. Heh, thanks for the inspiration (albeit unintentional) 😛 What pattern are you using, if i may ask.


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