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England, right-o!

May 27, 2012

One of the things we did in London this week was a visit to Loop, which was pretty awesome. P said afterwards that I just got sort of quiet. “You were like a kid who’s been looking forward to Disneyland for ages and then they get there and they don’t know where to start.” It was a bit overloady; so many lovely yarns — including a big pile of Wollmeise, which I poked around in a bit. And maybe snuck a picture of. Shhh.

(I also accidentally pulled out the bottom fluffy skein in another cube without thinking, and stuff started tumbling out. Then more tumbled as we were trying to put them back, and it continued on like that exponentially for a while. Very tribbly.)

It was probably a good thing that we came there fairly close to closing time, because the time constraint made me get myself together and actually make some decisions. And P is a good mix of enabler and conscience. I’d been hoping to get some TARDIS-blue yarn to make Bigger on the inside — both P and I had for some reason fixated on the awesomeness of getting the yarn for a Doctor Who shawl in London —  but I couldn’t find any I liked. Even so, I came away with a satisfying haul in a cute little bag.

(Note the bars on the windows. We closed the place.)

Then we spent a couple of days at museums (with cool ceramics, interesting design, creepy mummies, what have you), the Tower, navigating stuffy subway lines, and rounding up with a performance of Matilda, which was an amazing show. (On the way back to Cambridge, we sleepily left my backpack on the train, and my first thought was crap, my YARN. I realized in time, though, and we got it back. Sweaty couple of minutes.)

The next morning, I googled out a yarn store in Cambridge, hoping to maybe get myself some blue yarn, but mom issued a veto because of complicated traffic. Our original plans to watch birds of prey do their thing was cancelled because, well, the birds were cancelled. (They don’t do well in the heat, apparently.) We decided to hit up our beloved antiques haunts in Ely, instead, and it turns out they have not one but two yarn stores there! (And a funny little yarn kiosk, to boot.) One of them was around the corner from where P was getting coffee — because, uh, “turns out” means I did a quick iPad search when we stopped for refreshments — and with ten minutes until it closed I ran around like a dummy looking for it. Turns out Yarn on the Square was hiding behind some market stalls, and the doors were still open. I got help finding some yarn, mom fell in love with some Noro and will probably go back to buy it, and I got a loyalty card because I figure I’ll be back now that I know that it’s there. Whoops. Not entirely sure about the sort of sun-bleached TARDIS shade I wound up getting, but worst case scenario, I use the yarn for something else.

It was funny, though — one of the women in Loop overheard me talking about Color Affection (we were speaking Swedish, and she said “that’s something I recognize”) and then I got to tell the owner of Yarn on the Square about it, too, because we were talking about Bigger on the inside and she said she was looking for fun new shawl patterns, because they were very popular.

I also got to show my mom a bit of Ravelry, and we talked a lot about her days of knitting, in the Soviet Union and for us when we were kids.

And with that, I really have to get to bed. I realized on the airport shuttle home that, uh, it’s kind of Monday tomorrow. I think my brain ignored that fact as long as possible.



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