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Big bowl

December 21, 2007


I’ve been glazing a number of things in this black-and-turquoise combo, and I really like it – it’s sort of vintage-y. But I’m very proud of this bowl – it’s about nine inches across, and both the foot and the sides are really nice and even. My friend who saw it last night said “Wow, you made that? It looks like something you’d buy in a store” – which I take as high praise.

I was supposed to pick up a number of things from the pottery studio, but two heating coils from the oven had broken, so only a few things were done. I’ll get them before New Year’s, but I was really curious how they turned out – and even more so all the things I glazed for my mom and her best friend, who jetted off to Barcelona. I want to know what they think of the colors and effects I chose.

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