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December 20, 2007

I think I’m disproportionately happy that I now own a needle gauger. But yay! (And for some reason I was prepared for them to be really expensive. Don’t know why – it’s a piece of plastic with pieces missing…)

I got it when I was at the LYS near the parents, picking up yarn to make some wrist warmers my brother ordered for Christmas. (I found some other stuff I like, which I may go back and poke a bit.) The order was “black, long, no thumb.” I’m making them pretty plain, but there’s one very subtle cable. It breaks up monotonous knitting, and it gives me a cheeky sense of pleasure to know that my hip happenin’ brother will have semi-fancy wrist warmers.

It’s odd – I’ve pretty much been knitting exclusively in the round for a while, and it feels weird to do entire rows of purl stitches. It’s almost as mindless as round and round and round, but not quite.



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