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Kittins and mittins.

October 29, 2007

Mitten again

Still working on perfecting the mitten. I switched to smaller needles, to make for a tighter weave and hopefully a warmer mitten, and I thought I adjusted the sizing accordingly, but apparently not. It’s a little bit longer, but it falls just, uh, short. And it’s a smidge tight.

I’m going to have so many right gloves before I get this right.

The littler of the cats loves to keep me company when I knit. She particularly likes using balls of yarn as some sort of pillow or massage mattress thingy, even more so if it’s the ball I’m using at the time. I have yet to have issues with the cat helper – she’ll swat half-heartedly at moving yarn, but not much more.

Touch wood.

Cat and mitten in progress

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